The Centre

The Foundation’s largest project is the construction of the “Rainbow Valley” Rehabilitation and Therapy Centre in Kazimierz Dolny. We have already purchased a 4.5-acre plot located less than 2 km from the town centre and close to beautiful loess canyons and the Vistula river – an ideal location for our needs.
We want the centre to be a paragon of this type of facility – it will offer the very best in rehabilitation and therapy as well as the accommodation for children’s families. The complex will comprise three distinct sections: hotel and dining facilities, a rehabilitation and therapy wing, and a spa. Attached to the centre will be facilities for hippotherapy.
The rehabilitation section with fully-glazed exercise rooms fitted with the state-of-the-art equipment will comprise a pool and rooms for neurological, rehabilitation, and orthopaedic consultations. The centre will operate its own treatment room for supplementary therapies such as botulinum injections. The centre will employ a full-time nurse.
A special conference room will allow the centre to host workshops, training sessions, and conferences as well as performances for children and teenagers. Hotel rooms will be located in a connected section of the building. Each unit will be located on the ground floor and will have its own bathroom, a kitchen annex, and access to a green patio.
The Rainbow Valley will also have its own spa with a pool for parents, guardians, and siblings of our little patients. As parents of an impaired child we fully realize the importance of rest and relaxation. As we emphasize the importance of family relations, we will encourage entire families to use our services. The spa access will be free for all staying at the centre.
We also aim to unburden the parents as much as it is possible during their stay at the centre. In this, we will be helped by volunteers living on the premises, who will help during meal times, play with children when the parents are resting, and help patients get to their therapy sessions.
Our mission is the inclusion of impaired children both in their communities and the society at large. The centre will have its own playground accessible to all children and teenagers, where impaired children will have an opportunity to play and interact with their healthy friends. The playground will be fully fitted with special equipment allowing for joint play.
Finally, the centre will have a little bar for private meetings and a large dining room with home-made meals specially prepared to accommodate all dietary needs and preferences.
The location of the centre in Kazimierz Dolny will provide ample opportunity for trips and other activities. We will do everything to make the stay in the Rainbow Valley a memorable and healing experience. The centre’s staff will speak major foreign languages to facilitate contacts with guests from abroad. We can also guarantee that the cost of stay at our centre will be competitive compared to similar institutions in Poland.

Our Mission


The Taming Fate Foundation was established in 2010 in Lublin by Katarzyna and Karol Łukasiewicz, parents of Julka and Hania. As a result of the medical personnel’s negligence at birth, Hania was born almost dead and suffered massive hypoxia. Almost eight at the time of writing this, she now suffers from a severe form of quadriplegic cerebral palsy and her psychological and physical development significantly diverges from this of healthy children. The Foundation aims to inform and act in the matters of developmental impairment and focuses primarily on children’s conditions.
The Taming Fate Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It is registered under the number KRS 0000371955.
The Foundation is responsible for several important projects, all of which have garnered significant media attention. Their public reception has also been overwhelmingly positive. The Foundation helps children and teenagers with a wide variety of developmental impairments in the whole of Poland. Apart from financial assistance in securing much-needed equipment and rehabilitation, the Foundation supports the families of impaired dependants by maintaining contact with them and assisting them in emergencies.
The Foundation also operates “We Can Fit It,” a unique Polish-language website which collects all kinds of information connected with impairment – from the reviews of rehabilitation equipment, to detailed overviews of various medical conditions, to therapy advice and journalism. The website is co-authored by a psychologist, a rehabilitation specialist, a lawyer, a journalist, and a nurse.
In 2011 the Foundation published an illustrated book bundled with an audio CD. Entitled Right Under Your Nose, it is the first such project in Poland addressing various aspects of disability. Individual stories focus on such impairments as Asperger syndrome, Down syndrome, dwarfism, physical disability, autism, or obesity. The book is targeted at kindergarten and early-school children and aims to familiarize them with various kinds of “otherness” they can encounter. A number of famous performance artists and public figures contributed to the audio component of the project. We were also deeply honoured by the fact that Anna Komorowska, Poland’s First Lady, agreed to read one of the tales.


"Centrum Rehabilitacyjno-Terapeutyczne "Tęczowy Wąwóz" - tak będzie się nazywać ośrodek, który w Kazimierzu nad Wisłą chce zbudować Fundacja "Oswoić Los". Jej założycielami są Katarzyna i Karol Łukasiewiczowie z Lublina, rodzice 7-letniej Hani. Dziewczynka, wskutek błędu lekarskiego, przyszła na świat z mózgowym porażeniem dziecięcym. W styczniu sąd przyznał Hani milion zł zadośćuczynienia." Tymi słowami rozpoczyna się zamieszczony dzisiaj w Kurierze Lubelskim artykuł dotyczący naszych najnowszych poczynań. "Zajawka" artykułu pojawia się na pierwszej stronie gazety i odsyła do całości tekstu na stronie ósmej. Wszystkich zainteresowanych zapraszamy do kupna Kuriera, jak również do zapoznania się z treścią artykułu na stronie internetowej gazety pod linkiem.

Niezmiernie miło nam poinformować, że 3 maja, o godzinie 21-szej, gościć będziemy na antenie Radia Lublin w audycji "Potrafisz", zajmującej się problematyką niepełnosprawności. Gościem Ewy Dados będzie Prezes Fundacji, Katarzyna Łukasiewicz. Rozmowy toczyć będą się wokół działalności Fundacji, projektu "Tuż pod moim nosem" (okazja do wysłuchania wybranych bajek!), pomysłu budowy ośrodka rehabilitacyjnego w Kazimierzu Dolnym nad Wisłą i ogólnych planów na przyszłość.


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